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Dynamic DWS device volume measurement is more accurate collection data

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-04-25 16:09

  Dynamic DWS device volume measurement is more accurate collection data

  In daily logistics operations, we often encounter some soft bags and convex goods. These goods need to measure the size, volume and collection weight before entering the warehouse, and enter the goods information into the company's WMS system.

  However, in this process, companies will encounter many problems: the size measurement is not accurate, the difficulty of convex the measurement is difficult, the labor cost is high, and the comprehensive operation efficiency is low. The method of manual measurement not only has errors and low operating efficiency, but also requires more manpower inputs, and the output and income are not high.

  The dynamic DWS device, also known as the dynamic meter weighing code scanning equipment, has fast measurement speed and small accuracy error.

  Taking the volume measurement equipment of GOODSCAN in exotic technology as an example, the main advantages are:

  Continuous operation

  The volume measurement DWS equipment can be operated without time limit, and can work uninterrupted for 24 hours. Compared with artificially limited time and self -factors, the automated volume measurement equipment can complete more jobs in the same time, faster speed, more efficiency more efficiency High, support data automatic archive and docking enterprise ERP system.

  The measurement accuracy is high, which can reach the level of millimeter level

  Thanks to 3D measurement technology and light curtain measurement technology, with industrial -grade measurement lenses, the measured accuracy of the GOODSCAN quantifiers can reach ± 1mm.

  Save manual, automated operations

  Through the dynamic DWS equipment, you can connect the flow line to achieve unmanned operations, which not only helps companies save labor costs, but also can complete more operating amounts.

  In addition to dynamic DWS devices, the GOODSCAN series volume measurement DWS also has PDA, static DWS and large goods measurement systems, which can meet the diversified needs of enterprises.

  If you also have the same needs, you can learn about DWS in the background.


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