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Yifang joins hands with BUFFALO International Logistics GM200 to speed up parcel volume measurement and weighing

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-05-12 15:09

  Yifang joins hands with BUFFALO International Logistics GM200 to speed up parcel volume measurement and weighing

  BUFFALO International Logistics is a China-Africa online trade logistics service provider. It aims to provide cost-effective one-stop logistics and distribution services for China-Africa cross-border online trade and African local online retail trade, and provide the most direct and fast commodity sales channels for consumers in Africa and China. The company's current business model is similar to that of SF Express (self-built warehouse + self-operated trunk line) + Cainiao (self-built information system).

  facing problems

  BUFFALO has been officially in operation since April 2017. The company's information management system has been seamlessly connected with the South African customs declaration system, the South African banking system, and multiple express delivery companies in South Africa. And it already has independent nearly Wanping bonded warehouses, nearly Wanping overseas warehouses and nearly Wanping sorting warehouses, its own distribution fleet, and has established a fully self-operated cross-border e-commerce logistics distribution link from China to South Africa.

  Timeliness and service have always been the focus of BUFFALO. In order to achieve fast unloading, multiple people are usually used to unload goods at the same time. However, in the traditional warehouse working mode, the scanning, weighing, volume measurement and data entry system process of a single piece of goods is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it cannot be efficiently docked with the sorter to quickly sort the goods. Not only is the efficiency low, but the probability of errors is also greatly increased when the volume of goods is large, which seriously affects the speed and quality of parcel storage. How to efficiently and accurately complete the scanning, weighing, volume measurement and data entry system, etc., and improve the efficiency of the entire process has become an urgent problem to be solved.


  According to the specific needs of the BUFFALO warehouse, the Yifang team designed a DWS solution of automatic five-sided code scanning equipment + high-speed dynamic weighing and volume measurement all-in-one machine. The automatic five-sided code scanning equipment can automatically scan the five sides of the goods, so that no matter how the goods are placed, the code can be automatically scanned, which greatly improves the speed of unloading and warehousing.

  Product parameters:

  Measuring range: suitable for measuring small and medium packages 1.8*0.9*0.9M

  Measurement accuracy: stable accuracy ± 1mm

  Weighing range: 0.1kg-100kg

  Weighing accuracy: ±50g

  Measuring efficiency: It has the functions of automatic weighing, automatic code reading, and automatic volume measurement, and the efficiency can reach up to about 3000 votes/hour.

  Package shape: Irregular objects can be measured

  Effect feedback

  In order to let cross-border sellers go overseas worry-free, BUFFALO has always adhered to the service concept of "safe and fast, with Nobida", and has become a partner repeatedly selected by 90%+ cooperative customers. "Using high-quality logistics solutions to help Chinese cross-border enterprises" is also the corporate mission that BUFFALO has been working hard for. This coincides with Yifang. The automated logistics solutions provided by Yifang are both professional and efficient, and effectively improve the intelligence of warehouses. The level of globalization and work efficiency help Chinese cross-border enterprises to become more competitive.

  Significance of cooperation

  This time, Yifang cooperates with BUFFALO to accelerate the intelligent and efficient warehousing of cross-border logistics parcels, making cross-border logistics safer and faster. Yifang's independent research and development technology, products and services have been highly recognized by BUFFALO. In the future, Yifang will not forget its original intention and is committed to providing more high-quality products and services for cross-border e-commerce logistics, creating more for customers. value!


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