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DWS volume measurement all-in-one machine, the operating efficiency is much higher than that of the volume scale

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-05-16 15:05

  DWS volume measurement all-in-one machine, the operating efficiency is much higher than that of the volume scale

  With the explosive growth of e-commerce, the parcel sorting and delivery process is more complex than ever. The volume of packages handled is increasing every day, and packages may have various sizes, different shapes, different weights and other attributes, increasing errors in the logistics process. To improve accuracy and remain competitive in the market, companies must optimize their logistics processes and implement systems like DWS.

  The DWS system is the most accurate solution to obtain all specific package data. The system precisely measures dimensions and weight and automatically scans the barcode of the package. Once this information is collected, they are linked to the ID of the package, which can help to store the package at his designated location, deliver the package or use the sorting machine to sort the package.

  DWS equipment is also divided into static and dynamic distinctions

  1. Static DWS equipment: It is generally used in semi-automatic working environment. It is necessary to manually put the measured goods into the measurement area of the machine, and then the machine will automatically measure the volume and weight of the goods and store the data in the computer or upload to the cloud. .

  2. Dynamic DWS equipment: Dynamic DWS equipment can generally be used to integrate warehouse assembly lines and automate warehouse operation processes, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency of logistics enterprises.

  Taking the DWS equipment of Yifang Technology as an example, compared with the traditional volume scale/volume scale, it has the following advantages:

  (1) The volume measurement accuracy is stable at ±1mm, the highest measurement accuracy in the industry, the data accuracy is guaranteed, and the influence of human reading error factors is avoided. It is very suitable for industries with high precision requirements such as international logistics and cross-border e-commerce;

  (2) Intelligent integration of functional modules such as volume measurement, weighing, and code scanning, with both main screen and secondary screen, real-time data display, clear and intuitive, which greatly simplifies the data collection process of goods entering the warehouse;

  (3) Comes with photo evidence collection, docking system and removal of excess tape not included in the volume function, photo evidence collection to ensure that all packages can be traced, the docking system can automatically connect all measurement data to the enterprise's ERP, WMS and other systems, and the removal of excess tape is not counted The input volume further ensures the accuracy of the size data;

  (4) Save a lot of manual operations. Using the DWS weighing and scanning all-in-one machine of Yifang Technology requires only a small amount of labor to carry the package. The volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, photo evidence collection and docking system of the package are fully automated. ;

  (5) The speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The efficiency of Yifang Technology's dynamic weighing and scanning all-in-one machine can reach 3,000 packages per hour, which saves a lot of labor and speeds up efficiently, and effectively helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency;

  (6) There are many types of products. The products of Yifang Technology include dynamic DWS volume measurement integrated machine, static DWS volume measurement integrated machine, pallet cargo/large cargo volume measurement integrated machine, multi-faceted automatic code scanning equipment, high-precision belt fast hand, etc. Class equipment, suitable for a variety of application scenarios in all walks of life;

  It is precisely because DWS equipment has many advantages over volume scales that more and more international logistics and cross-border e-commerce companies are gradually using DWS equipment to replace volume scales, and the traditional manual operation mode of volume scales has gradually been eliminated.


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