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SF Group purchased Yifang Technology GS210Y equipment in batches, the volume measurement is simple and accurate

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-05-23 15:13

  SF Group purchased Yifang Technology GS210Y equipment in batches, the volume measurement is simple and accurate

  In 1993, SF Express (stock code: 002352) was born in Shunde, Guangdong. After years of development, it has become a leading comprehensive express logistics service provider in China and the fourth largest express delivery company in the world. SF Express adheres to the "user-centered, demand-oriented, and experience-based" product design thinking, focuses on industry characteristics, starts from customer application scenarios, and deeply explores the needs of customer-to-end full-process contact points and other characteristics in different scenarios According to the needs of customers, design products, services and solutions suitable for customers, and continuously optimize the product system and service quality. At the same time, SF Express leverages technology to empower product innovation, forms industry solutions, and provides customers with intelligent and integrated smart supply chain solutions covering multiple industries and scenarios.

  facing problems

  SF Express Group has a strong service network throughout China and even the world. Under the traditional manual operation method, common problems in warehouses include: the entire process of scanning codes, weighing, volume measurement and data entry systems for goods is complicated and difficult. Time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially volume measurement is easily affected by manual value errors, and special-shaped parts such as bulges cannot be accurately measured. In addition, the manual entry of various data into the system is also extremely error-prone. In such a working mode, not only the labor cost is high, but also a lot of time and energy are consumed, and the work efficiency is low. Therefore, SF Express hopes to use Chinese wisdom to solve the disadvantages of traditional warehouse operation and management, and promote the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry.


  According to the specific needs of SF Group's Zhaoqing warehouse, Yifang Technology provided a static DWS——GS210Y device, which can efficiently and automatically collect information such as the volume, weight, and barcode of the goods. In addition, because Yifang Technology has fully independent software and hardware research and development capabilities, the DWS equipment provided to SF Express Group can be easily and quickly connected to its ERP system, and easily solve complex data entry problems. In terms of volume measurement, the measurement accuracy of GS210Y is as high as ±5mm, and it can accurately measure irregular goods such as bulges. At the same time, it has the functions of taking pictures for evidence and exclusive functions of removing excess tape and not counting it into the volume, ensuring the authenticity of the data, perfectly meeting the high measurement accuracy requirements of international logistics and greatly improving the turnover speed of the warehouse.

  GS210Y basic parameters

  Measuring range: 5*5*5-80*80*80cm

  Measuring accuracy: ±5mm

  Weighing range: within 100kg

  Weighing accuracy: 10g

  Measuring speed: 1 second/piece

  Equipment size: 82*91*260cm

  Data docking: any system

  Effect feedback

  SF Group has always been adhering to the "customer-centric" service concept and the service tenet of "reducing customers' operating costs". Establish a win-win partnership. The development concept of Yifang Technology coincides with ours. After using the GS210Y equipment of Yifang Technology, we bid farewell to the traditional manual measurement method. The whole process of scanning code, weighing, volume measurement, taking pictures for evidence and docking system is simple and fast , Greatly improved work efficiency, reduced a lot of manual workload, truly achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase, and achieved a win-win situation for both parties!


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