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The all-in-one machine for weighing, scanning code and measuring volume makes logistics easier

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-06-08 14:15

  The all-in-one machine for weighing, scanning code and measuring volume makes logistics easier

  In today's cross-border e-commerce market, logistics has become a crucial link. It is very important to ensure the fast and accurate delivery of goods in the logistics process. However, the traditional manual weighing method is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also prone to failure. Wrong, now, the all-in-one machine for weighing, scanning and measuring volume has become an indispensable weapon in international e-commerce.

  Advantages of weighing, scanning code and measuring volume all-in-one machine

  1. Fast and efficient: The process of weighing, scanning code and measuring volume only takes 1 minute, which avoids long waiting and tedious manual operation, and improves transaction efficiency.

  2. Accurate and stable: the equipment adopts high-precision sensors and advanced algorithm technology to ensure the accuracy of weighing results and effectively avoid errors.

  3. Cost savings: Compared with traditional manual weighing, weighing and scanning code measuring equipment not only saves labor costs, but also reduces logistics costs and improves corporate profits.

  4. Environmentally friendly and sustainable: the equipment does not need to use any chemical reagents, has minimal impact on the environment, and conforms to the concept of sustainable development.

  5. Data connection: Data can be connected to any system for easy tracking.

  All-in-one machine for weighing, scanning code and measuring volume-Yifang Technology GS210Y

  Goodscan 210Y is a small and medium-sized cargo measurement solution specially provided for logistics and warehousing; it supports regular and irregular large-scale cargo measurement. 3D visual measurement solution, the best measurement accuracy is ±5mm, and the best weight measurement accuracy is ±0.01kg; one-step completion of body measurement, weighing, code scanning, entry, and calculation, supports high-definition photography and storage of each cargo photo, and uses Excel/ Http/TCP/serial port, docking warehouse management system/database, one-click upload data information to the cloud, providing intelligent logistics solutions.

  Weighing, scanning code and measuring volume all-in-one machine-Yifang Technology GM200

  GM200 is the first light curtain volume measurement product independently developed by Yifang Technology. The equipment consists of two pairs of light curtains, scanning lenses, roller scales, belt lines and industrial computers. It can measure goods up to 180×90×90cm; the best The measurement accuracy is ±1mm, and functions such as "measurement + weighing + scanning code + photographing + input" can be realized within 1 second. It is fast and efficient. It can be docked and sorted, and supports 40 bayonet high-speed operations, which can effectively help enterprises Realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

  Weighing, scanning code and measuring volume all-in-one machine-Yifang Technology GS300

  In terms of size measurement, GS300 benefits from the core technology. The measurement range is 1.5*1.5*2m (customizable), and it can weigh 3T (customizable). You can choose to measure the whole pallet or remove the pallet, and support regular/irregular pallet goods Measurement. In addition, the pallet volume measurement system can also take pictures and collect evidence, and automatically connect the required data to the enterprise system.

  If your company is also troubled by parcel data collection at the moment, you can have an in-depth exchange with Yifang Technology and look forward to cooperation with each other.


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