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Measuring volume of pallets/bulky furniture using DWS equipment for accurate measurement

Writer:Goodscan Time:2023-12-06 15:13

  Measuring volume of pallets/bulky furniture using DWS equipment for accurate measurement

  In the logistics industry, many goods are palletized, and the rationality of pallet size has a very important impact on any aspect of logistics and transportation. Therefore, when selecting and using pallets, it is necessary to fully consider the relationship between pallet size and cargo type, transportation mode, transportation distance and other factors to achieve the best logistics effect. At the same time, the measurement and standard setting of pallet sizes are also very important links, which can better ensure the safety and efficiency of the logistics process.

  Pallet/bulk furniture volume measuring equipment

  Yifang Technology GS300 is a DWS device that can measure large quantities of pallets. It can measure 60*60*60-150*150*180cm (customizable) and weigh 1T (customizable). You can choose to measure whole pallets or reject pallets. , supports regular/irregular pallet cargo measurement, can also automatically generate 3D point cloud images, and has the function of taking photos and evidence collection, automatically connecting the required data to the enterprise system, with accurate accuracy, short time consumption and high efficiency, which not only saves enterprises Labor costs are reduced, and data accuracy is guaranteed, which is conducive to improving business service levels and improving customer satisfaction.

  Why use DWS equipment to measure the volume of pallets/bulky goods?

  Fast and accurate: DWS equipment can conduct all-round scanning and calculation of large goods in a short time. The measurement results are highly accurate and the error rate is low.

  Save labor: DWS equipment can automatically identify the shape and size of items without manual intervention, greatly saving labor costs.

  Improve efficiency: By using DWS equipment, logistics companies can complete cargo measurement work faster, thereby improving transportation efficiency.

  Easy to use: Just place the goods in the equipment area. The device automatically recognizes the shape and size of the item, calculates its volume and weight, and uploads the data to the system.

  Wide scope of application: DWS equipment is suitable for measuring various types of bulk goods, including but not limited to palletized goods, furniture, machinery, building materials, etc.

  At present, GS300 is widely used in all walks of life, with a far leading market share. It can help companies save manpower, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase efficiency. If you are still worried about volume measurement, you can contact Yifang Technology.


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