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[Good news] Yifang Technology was awarded the member unit of Civil Aviation Standards Innovation Base

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-01-09 14:39

[Good news] Yifang Technology was awarded the member unit of Civil Aviation Standards Innovation Base

On December 20, the second meeting of the first member representative conference of the National Technology Standards Innovation Base was successfully held in Beijing. Yifang Technology was invited to attend the meeting as the first member representative. The company's general manager Zhang Xiao attended the meeting and served as a new member The unit representative spoke.

Introduction to National Technical Standards Innovation Base

The National Technical Standards Innovation Base was approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee on October 17, 2019, and the undertaking unit is the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology. After the joint efforts of all member units and four years of preparation time, various preparatory tasks were successfully completed. On November 19, 2023, it was approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee to be established and officially put into operation, marking a new chapter in the national technical standardization work.

The National Technical Standards Innovation Base is a field-based innovation base. It is the first standard innovation base in the field of transportation and the first national platform for the construction of national technical standards. The National Technical Standards Innovation Base currently has 138 member units, achieving full coverage of the civil aviation industry and upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, inspection, testing and certification institutions and social groups in the aviation industry chain.

This time, Yifang Technology is the only company selected in the [National Technical Standards] cargo measurement industry. Yifang Technology jointly formulates standards with the country, which means that it is the absolute leader in the industry and sets standards for aviation logistics and the entire logistics measurement field.

Luggage intelligent measuring machine

Goodscan's customized baggage measuring machine can quickly and automatically measure the volume and weight of luggage, and intelligently match the baggage allowance requirements of different airlines and classes. It can "answer" whether passengers' luggage can be carried on the plane in "5 seconds". Passengers do not need to look for anyone to ask questions, which effectively improves the efficiency of luggage security inspection, reduces the number of overflow luggage at the boarding gate, and greatly improves flight regularity and the satisfaction of airlines and passengers.

Pallet bulk cargo DWS equipment

Pallet cargo DWS can be used to measure the volume and weight of pallet cargo or large cargo. It is often used with floor scales and mobile forklifts. It can solve the problems of difficult and time-consuming manual measurement of pallet cargo and improve the accuracy of measurement data.

GS300 can be used to measure the size of palletized goods or oversized objects. It supports ceiling or column installation, and also supports movable rotating pallet type. In terms of dimensional measurement, the measurement range can be customized as needed, you can choose to measure whole pallets or rejected pallets, and support regular/irregular pallet cargo measurement. Cooperate with floor scale weighing to automatically connect the required data to the enterprise system.

Dynamic DWS device

Dynamic DWS equipment can generally be used to integrate warehouse assembly lines, linking security inspection machines, telescopic machines, drum lines, etc. at the front end, and linking sorting equipment at the back end, automating the warehouse operation process, reducing a large amount of manual work, and reducing costs. Labor costs can be effectively improved at the same time as the operating efficiency of logistics enterprises.

GS210M dynamic DWS equipment intelligently integrates measurement, weighing, code scanning, photography and evidence collection, and docking system. In terms of dimensional measurement, thanks to the core technology, even under high-speed dynamic conditions, the measurement accuracy is millimeter level, and the cargo measurement and processing efficiency can reach 3,000 pieces/hour. More needs can be customized.

If you also have needs for size measurement, volume calculation, weight, code scanning and photography, sorting, etc., Goodscan volume measurement DWS equipment is a good choice. Interested friends can communicate in the background.


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