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Clothing package volume measurement cross-border e-commerce DWS equipment

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-03-29 17:51

  Clothing package volume measurement cross-border e-commerce DWS equipment

  In modern logistics, calculating freight by volume is a very popular way, and clothing packages are no exception. Volume needs to be measured when entering and exiting the warehouse. Traditional manual measurement not only has large errors, but is also inefficient. DWS equipment can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce costs. Labor costs can also be improved and measurement accuracy can be reduced, so more and more companies are choosing DWS equipment for measurement.

  DWS equipment measurement advantages:

  Automated data collection: DWS equipment can automatically collect various types of information on regular and irregular packages without manual intervention, thereby reducing labor costs2.

  High precision and efficiency: DWS equipment uses advanced measurement technology to quickly and accurately obtain the three-dimensional dimensions of the package. The measurement efficiency is 1 piece per second, and the measurement accuracy is millimeter level, which greatly improves measurement efficiency and accuracy.

  The data can be archived and supports synchronization with enterprise systems: the length, width, height, volume and weight data measured by DWS equipment can be connected to the enterprise's ERP/WMS system to achieve data sharing.

  Docking and sorting: DWS equipment can use the size, volume, weight or barcode information of the package to dock with the sorting equipment, making cargo sorting more efficient.

  Help logistics companies receive and ship goods quickly: The introduction of DWS equipment not only improves the operational efficiency of logistics companies and reduces costs, but also provides logistics companies with more comprehensive and accurate data support.

  They are all measuring with DWS equipment

  DWS equipment, the abbreviation of Dimension (volume), Weight (weighing), and Scanning (code scanning), is an intelligent device that can integrate automatic volume measurement, weighing, and code scanning of goods. This equipment mainly Solve problems such as size measurement, weighing, freight calculation, sorting, product SKU management, warehousing space planning, etc. DWS equipment has the best accuracy of measuring the volume of clothing packages ±1mm and the best weighing accuracy of ±1g. Up to now, Anta, Hongxing Erke, Many well-known apparel companies, such as Saiwei Times, Xtep, Siltang Intelligence, and Red Dragonfly, are using DWS equipment to improve efficiency and have received unanimous recognition and praise.


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