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Yifang Technology won the bid for Jiuzhoutong batch volume measurement equipment project

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-04-25 14:06

Yifang Technology won the bid for Jiuzhoutong batch volume measurement equipment project

Good news about winning the bid

Recently, Yifang Technology defeated many competitors in the bidding project of Jiuzhoutong Pharmaceutical Group's batch volume measurement, weighing and scanning all-in-one machine (mobile), and stood out in a comprehensive comparison of technology, products, services, cost-effectiveness and other aspects. Winning the bid and winning the procurement project in one fell swoop! The strong cooperation between Jiuzhoutong and Yifang Technology shows that Yifang Technology's products can withstand the long-term test of the market and its comprehensive competitiveness and market position in the field of cargo volume measurement.

Customer Profile

Jiuzhoutong Pharmaceutical Group Logistics Co., Ltd. is the largest private pharmaceutical commercial enterprise in China, ranking fourth among Chinese pharmaceutical commercial enterprises. It is the first 5A-level logistics enterprise in the industry and the only one rated among the top ten intelligent warehousing and logistics demonstration bases in the country. Enterprises; ranked 57th and 15th on the list of "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China" and "Top 100 Private Enterprises in China's Service Industry".

Project requirements

During the goods outbound process, it is necessary to collect the volume, weight, barcode and other information of the package, and calculate the freight based on this, and connect the various data to the system for storage. At the same time, photos are taken to collect evidence to ensure that the outbound goods are traceable and avoid size and freight disputes. In addition, the equipment is not used in a fixed location in the warehouse and requires mobile operations. Due to the traditional manual operation method, not only the labor cost is high, but also a lot of time and energy are consumed, and the work efficiency is low. Therefore, Jiuzhoutong compares and screens major equipment suppliers through public bidding to find the most suitable DWS equipment.


Based on the actual situation and specific needs of Jiuzhoutong warehouse, the Yifang Technology team designed a customized GS210Y static DWS solution, which can accurately measure the length, width, height and weight of objects, supports color photography and archiving of measured goods, and supports data systems (ERP , WMS, etc.); in addition, equipped with a mobile power supply and a pulley cart, you can also easily move the equipment and push it through the storage center. The volume measurement accuracy is millimeter level and the processing efficiency is 1s/piece, which can not only ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, It can also improve warehouse operation efficiency and greatly optimize the entire cargo handling process.

GS210Y Introduction

Measuring range: 5*5*5-80*80*80cm

Measurement accuracy: millimeter level

Weighing range: within 60kg

Weighing accuracy: 10g

This time Yifang Technology successfully won the bid among many competitors and cooperated with Jiuzhoutong Pharmaceutical Group Logistics Co., Ltd. to make volume measurement, weighing and scanning simpler, smarter and more efficient! The technology, products and services have been endorsed by Jiuzhoutong Highly recognized! If you also have needs in volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, intelligent warehousing, etc., please feel free to contact customer service to discuss the product solutions that are most suitable for you!


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