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Pallet cargo volume measurement equipment GS300 delivered to SF Express DHL Xiaomi

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-05-18 11:44

Pallet cargo volume measurement equipment GS300 delivered to SF Express DHL Xiaomi

With the increasing globalization, the international logistics industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities, especially in terms of volume measurement. In order to improve transportation efficiency, reduce costs and optimize customer experience, major international logistics companies have introduced volume measurement equipment.

Customer profile

Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. was established on March 3, 2010. It is a global mobile Internet company and innovative technology company focusing on smart hardware, electronic products, chip research and development, smart phones, smart electric vehicles, communications, finance, Internet TV and smart home ecosystem construction.

SF Express is a domestic express logistics comprehensive service provider headquartered in Shenzhen. SF Express has always attached great importance to and actively invested in the construction of various smart logistics facilities, covering big data and blockchain, AI smart decision-making, smart logistics maps, automatic sorting equipment, smart hardware, logistics drones, digital warehousing, smart packaging, information security and other aspects.

DHL, whose Chinese name is Dunhao, is a subsidiary of the world-renowned postal and logistics group Deutsche Post DHL. In December 2018, DHL was shortlisted for the 2018 World Top 500 Brands. In October 2019, Interbrand ranked 83rd in the Global Top 100 Brands List.

Project Requirements

In Xiaomi warehouses, there are many pallet cargoes that need to collect information such as volume, weight, and barcodes, based on which freight is calculated, and the data is connected to the system for storage. At the same time, photos are taken for evidence to ensure traceability and avoid disputes. Due to the high cost of traditional manual operations, which consumes a lot of time and energy, the error is relatively large and the work efficiency is low. Therefore, it is hoped that the pallet cargo volume measurement equipment can be used to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Based on the actual situation and specific needs of Xiaomi warehouses, the Yifang Technology team designed the GS300 pallet cargo volume measurement solution, which can accurately measure the length, width, height and weight of objects, support color photography and archiving of the measured goods, and support data system (ERP, WMS, etc.) docking, which can not only ensure the accuracy of the measurement data, but also improve the efficiency of warehouse operations, and greatly optimize the entire cargo handling process.

Introduction to GS300 Pallet Cargo Volume Measurement System

Measurement range: 60*60*60-150*150*200cm (customizable)

Weighing range: 1T (customizable)

Installation method: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, column

This time, Yifang Technology successfully won the bid among many competitors, and its technology, products and services have been highly recognized by SF Express, DHL and Xiaomi Group! It has further consolidated the leading position of GS300 Pallet Cargo Volume Measurement System in market share. If you also have volume measurement, weighing, code scanning, sorting, smart warehousing and other needs, please contact customer service to discuss the most suitable product solution for you!


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