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【KUAYUE Express】Yifang Technology wins bid for dynamic scale project for logistics volume measurement

Writer:Goodscan Time:2024-06-06 13:46

【KUAYUE Express】Yifang Technology wins bid for dynamic scale project for logistics volume measurement

In the logistics industry, accurate volume measurement is crucial. Recently, in the fierce market competition, Yifang Technology successfully won the bid for the dynamic scale project of Kuayue Express with its excellent technical strength, high-quality service guarantee, rich customer experience and honest business philosophy, solving the problem of volume measurement, marking that Yifang Technology has once again achieved remarkable results in the field of intelligent measurement technology.

KUAYUE Express

Cross-border Express Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen in 2007. It is a large-scale technological integrated express company mainly engaged in "time-limited express service". It has more than 70,000 employees, 20 full-cargo aircraft, more than 28,000 transport vehicles, 99% urban coverage, and an average daily cargo throughput of more than 54,000 tons. A high-end technology R&D team of more than 1,500 people and a powerful technology system provide strong support for the transit and delivery services of goods.

Project Requirements

In the process of logistics transportation, Kuayue Express needs to meet the standards of accuracy, safety and efficiency. Not only the size, volume and weight data of each piece of cargo must be collected for freight calculation, but all data must also be uploaded to the system for archiving, so as to facilitate data tracing and searching later.

Traditional simple measurement methods can no longer meet the growing business needs of Kuayue Express, so a more suitable dynamic scale solution is needed.


Based on the actual situation and specific needs of the warehouse, the Yifang Technology team customized the GM210 equipment for Kuayue Express, which has customized the sack trimming function on the basis of weighing, code scanning, volume measurement, photo taking, data uploading and other functions. In terms of size measurement, the maximum measurement is 180*90*90cm, with the best measurement accuracy of ±1mm. The roller scale is used, with a maximum weighing of 60kg and an accuracy of ±10g. The cargo handling efficiency can reach 1500 pieces/hour, and the back-end can perform efficient sorting.

Significance of the cooperation

Yifang Technology's winning of the Kuayue Express dynamic scale project not only proves Yifang Technology's leading position in the field of logistics equipment, but is also an important step for Yifang Technology and Kuayue Express to move towards a new era of intelligent logistics.

The two parties will work together to promote the intelligent and efficient development of the logistics industry. This cooperation will help optimize logistics processes, reduce errors and costs, and provide customers with better services.


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