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The Development of Logistics DWS System Technology

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-04-16 10:23

So far, the express logistics industry has gone through several major development stages. Correspondingly, logistics dimension measurement has also gone through three major development stages before it has today’s results. It can be said that the development of express logistics industry is closely related to the development of logistics dimension measurement technology.

The initial logistics size measurement mainly relied on manual labor. The courier held a measuring tape, scale and other tools to measure the express packages one by one. However, this not only consumes a lot of time and energy, but also often causes large errors. Whenever there is a peak in the number of express delivery, the couriers are even more busy and miserable.

With the development of technology in the field of optical measurement, measurement light curtains have entered the express logistics industry. Measuring light curtain, also known as measuring grating, mainly uses infrared photoelectric sensors to measure the size of objects. Compared with the traditional manual measurement, the measurement light curtain enables the express measurement to achieve non-contact measurement, and the measurement efficiency is greatly improved by turning from manual to mechanical. And because it is a mechanical measurement, some errors caused by human factors can be avoided. However, the measurement light curtain also has some shortcomings. The measuring light curtain can only measure regular objects. If the express shape is irregular, the measuring light curtain cannot be used. At the same time, the measuring light curtain has certain requirements for the placement of items, and it cannot be fully automated.

With the further development of the express logistics industry, the measurement light curtain can no longer meet the measurement needs of the logistics industry. 3D vision measurement technology came into being. 3D lens + algorithm is the core of 3D vision measurement technology. Compared with the previous measurement light curtain, 3D vision measurement has further improved measurement efficiency and measurement accuracy. Moreover, for measuring irregular objects that the light curtain is powerless, 3D vision measurement can also effectively and quickly obtain data such as its size. The Goodscan series of products developed by Yi Fang Technology Co., Ltd. use 3D vision measurement technology. The courier can also ignore the placement of items when performing operations, which reduces the burden on employees.

All in all, after going through the three major development stages, logistics size measurement technology is becoming more and more advanced, and it is also more and more time-saving and labor-saving. Especially the emergence of 3D vision measurement technology is a huge boost to the express logistics industry.With the help of dimensioning weighing scanning system,it can improve productivity,efficiency and safety.Let you work with ease.


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