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Application of Handheld PDA in Logistics Industry

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-06-09 17:08

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the requirements for personnel engaged in this industry have become higher and higher, and the equipment used has become more and more technological. Today, I will share with you a mobile handheld measuring PDA of Yifang Technology, which can quickly measure the volume of goods by taking pictures, and the measurement accuracy can reach the millimeter level.

Goodscan100 is a mobile handheld portable measuring device, the size is only the size of a mobile phone, suitable for couriers to pick up the goods, the measurement direction is 5*5*5~100*100*100mm, and the goods can be obtained by taking pictures as fast as 0.5s. to get the volume size through the 4G network or Bluetooth or WiFi/USB peripheral interface, the data can also be uploaded to the cloud with one key, and it can be exported and viewed at any time, which is very convenient.

Open the Goodscan100AR APP, aim the phone lens at the goods, move the lens left and right until the program initialization is completed. After initialization, the camera will look around the goods to complete the 3D modeling, and the length, width and height data of the goods can be obtained with one-click shooting.

The volume of the goods can also be displayed on the screen in real time:
"Easy operation, intuitive data, and cost-effective" is the best evaluation of Goodscan100.As a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, Yifang Technology has been focusing on the field of cargo volume measurement. Through advanced 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry and other technologies, the cargo measurement technology has reached the forefront of the DWS industry.

Yifang Technology is committed to applying new artificial intelligence measurement technology to the logistics field, providing logistics enterprises with efficient information collection services to help enterprises achieve a series of innovation and development goals such as reducing measurement costs, improving logistics efficiency, and logistics intelligence.



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