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How to choose cost-effective volume measurement equipment?

Writer:Goodscan Time:2021-06-21 10:36

At present, volume measurement equipment is more and more widely used in logistics, warehousing, supermarkets and other fields, and many companies will choose automated smart equipment to improve operational efficiency. Do you know what to consider when choosing a smart volume measurement machine?
The first is the measurement range. It is necessary to clarify the volume range of the goods that the company needs to measure, and then select a device within the measurement range.
Secondly, the measurement error range is particularly important for some companies that require high measurement accuracy. You must understand the acceptable measurement error before choosing an automated volume measurement equipment.This involves a measurement technology problem. Common measurement technologies now include light curtain measurement, ultrasonic measurement, and 3D lens + algorithm measurement. The most accurate one is laser measurement, but the cost is high, cost-effective, and 3D vision measurement accuracy is high. , High performance-price ratio, become the first choice of more and more enterprises.At present, Yifang Technology's intelligent volume measurement equipment integrates 3D measurement, computer vision, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and other technologies, which can quickly collect volume information of goods, and its measurement accuracy has been certified by a national authority.
Thirdly, product quality must be reliable. Better products will have ISO quality system management certification, and you can rest assured with authoritative certification. Yifang Goodscan series equipment has passed the national ISO quality system management certification, and the reputation in the industry has always been good.
In addition to the above points, the company's pre-sales and after-sales issues must be clearly understood, and pay more attention to relevant information according to your own needs. I hope that the above points can be helpful to the majority of colleagues in choosing volume measurement equipment.


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